2 Regular Guys 2017 Mad March Brackets Challenge

2 Regular Guys Mad March Brackets Challenge

The brackets are BACK! Take on Terry and Aaron in the annual fun event and have a chance to win some money. Can you beat the 2 Regular Guys when it comes to picking NCAA Basketball games? Continue reading

3rd Annual REGGIE Awards Winners

The winners of the 3rd Annual REGGIE Awards, presented by Two Regular Guys Podcast, have been announced. After tallying votes from decorators who voted online, the top-rated nominees in eight categories were announced Dec. 18, 2015, during the Two Regular Guys Podcast, and were later honored in a presentation ceremony at the January 2016 Long Beach Imprinted Sportswear Show. Continue reading

Remove “They” from your Vocabulary

In my nearly 20 years being involved with sales, marketing and technical support, I have been fortunate to work with a variety of folks who are both really good and really bad at customer interactions. I have observed many of them (including myself) and have come to discover that there is one key word that people dealing with customers should really REMOVE from their vocabulary. By removing this word, those people can more smoothly interact with customers and resolve issues quickly.  Continue reading

Reaching the Pet Market with Personalization

Pet MarketGrowing up in a home with a few acres of land in a rural community, my brother and I were fortunate to have a variety of animals. We had goats, chickens and of course dogs and cats. Believe it or not, in my high school year book there is a picture of me and my horse – Blazer. Obviously, I am not alone in my love for animals, since the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports that more than 63% of households in the US have at least one pet. Those pet owners spend in excess of $55 billion dollars on pet products every year. As a decorator, you should be grabbing some of that big tasty pie! Continue reading

How to Reach the Memorial Product Market

The memorial product market is a rapidly growing segment in the sublimation part of our industry. It is also a bit of a touchy segment and has different pitfalls and challenges. When I starting to think about this article I internally found some very difficult things to overcome when it came to profiting as a business off of this segment. But after thinking and researching, I have come to the conclusion that if done correctly this segment can and should be a winning proposition for all involved. You can also even help ease some of the pain of losing a loved one by providing a memorial product for the grieving to cherish for years to come. Continue reading

Email Etiquette

Email Etiquette

Emails have been a topic of conversation at the office recently.  We use emails for internal and external communication on several different levels.  For example during the week of May 11th, my stats are as follows:Email Stats

An average of 200 received emails and 50 sent emails a day just for me! Given the large quantity of information in a short period, I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips gathered from several Internet resources to help us all make the most of email as a business tool in today’s society.   Please note, that the resources I referred to below are referenced at the end of this blog.

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ISS Ft. Worth Review

Terry and Aaron - 2 Regular GuysI’m on the plane returning from the ISS Ft Worth Show and just wanted to share my thoughts about the event while they are still fresh. Please comment below on your thoughts on the ISS Ft Worth show and share any pictures with us on our Facebook page.

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Digital Transfers onto Performance Fabrics

Let’s talk about Digital Transfers onto Performance Fabric. When I was primarily involved with screen printing and direct to garment printing, I was a huge proponent of 100% cotton t-shirts. I really didn’t think I could ever come to love those polyester shirts. But due to companies like Under Armor and others, polyester performance wear has really started to take a hold of me. Now that my days are filled with sublimation inks and vinyl, instead of pretreatment and plastisol, I have been exposed to so much more polyester fabric that I almost feel like I nearly missed the boat. So let’s start off by talking about some of the many different types of garments that are polyester based and the types of material that you can use to decorate those items. Continue reading

Aaron’s Skype Chat with A&E Magazine

Recently I was asked to do a Skype Chat with A&E Magazine and they had some really great questions laid out for me. It was a lot of fun talking to Cassie and Tom at A&E Magazine. I went ahead and wrote out all of my answers to be ready and I thought I would share my answers with all of you. We did not have time to get to all of these questions in the interview so some of this will be “Bonus” material. Check out all the Q and A items below and at the end check out the video.

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Getting Past the Voicemail Box

As a sales and marketing professional since 1996, I have faced many challenges when it comes to getting past the dreaded voice mail on a sales call. I can receive up to five sales calls from outside vendors in the course of a day.  I am continually shocked by the lack of valuable information provided in these messages.  As a result, I am left with the impression that I have no need for their services because I have no clue what they are trying to sell.  I’m also left feeling like they don’t truly care about my business since they have not done any work at all on trying to find out what my needs are. They just want me to take time from my day to call them back. The tips below will help you in making the most of your sales calls, so you can actually speak with potential customers to build your business.

Tips for getting past voice mail… Continue reading