Can you Believe the Hype? Is it Print OR Cut?

With the mass of information that we all receive in today’s world, from social media, TV, radio, newspaper, etc., do you find it harder and harder to figure out what is real and what is hype? I know I do. With all the media’s competing for your attention each outlet has to do something to attract you. It seems the number one tool they use it to add some hype or sensationalism. Continue reading

Why every company should do a Marketing Plan – Big or Small

One of the things I have learned in my time doing marketing for different companies is that if you don’t have a plan for your attack, you might as well just lock the doors and give all your money to your competitor. This plan doesn’t have to be a Pulitzer prize-winning coffee table document that takes thousands of dollars to produce, but it does have to be something that is in writing and carefully thought out. Again this doesn’t have to be a formal marketing plan with all the big words, acronyms, and other wasted space that makes Regular Guys brains hurt. It DOES have to make sense to you and it does need a little hard work and effort. Continue reading

New Epson Garment Printers Review

Epson garment printersIf you have not yet heard, Epson plans to enter the direct to garment market place with their own garment printers in 2014. The Epson garment printers, according to Epson, has been designed from the ground up and is fully supported and warranted by Epson. It seems they are definitely creating some buzz in our industry. They recently showed both machines for the first time at the Print 13 expo in Chicago, IL and I got a chance to go see them in action. I also sat down with them and got more details about the Epson garment printers. To follow are some of my thoughts and details about the Pros and Cons I see with this new technology. Continue reading

Aaron’s iPhone Home Screen

Aaron's iPhone HomeI was asked the other day by a friend to tell him a little more about my iPhone home screen. I live with my iPhone and much to my wife’s dismay I even sleep with it. So here is a short Q&A of some of the apps that I use and like along with some other details. Continue reading

Top 3 Things Every Small Business Must Do

Marketing and Strategy

When talking to people about how things are going in their business, I have discovered some common tasks.  People who have successful businesses are doing certain things on a regular basis that appear to be similar. Also, it seems those who are struggling are not doing these things. In addition, I have noticed that sometimes small businesses believe that the normal business principles that work for larger companies do not apply to them because they are a small company.  At times, small business operators are not necessarily formally trained in business, rather, just nice people with a great idea trying to figure out how to make it work. That got me thinking about what key elements that I feel make businesses successful to avoid potential pitfalls. Below are the three things that I feel are critical for every small business to ensure success. Continue reading

Heat Presses – Making Sense of all the Options

With multiple heat press manufactures and multiple options from each, you have hundreds of different options/choices to make when choosing a heat press that is right for your business. In this article we will explore 4 of the main characteristic differences that you need to be aware of so you can figure out which press is going to be best for your business. These differences do not necessarily make one type better than the other, but understanding the pros and cons of each will allow you to identify the variables that will make one right for you over another. Continue reading

Heat Transfer Print and Cut is the Perfect Gateway to Direct to Garment

Direct to garment printing has come a long way since it first hit our industry as a decorating method that is here to stay back in 2004. There have been many highs and lows and today you have a lot of choices all of which fit certain business models. The down side is the relatively high investment cost of the equipment at first which means you must have a market in place to quick realize any return on investment. So how do you get into that market and not run your self out of business first? Heat Transfers is the answer Continue reading