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Please find some links and notes from the 2 Regular Guys Podcast. Business plans are one of those things that everyone talks about needing, but in reality, most people don’t take the time to put one together. They have a PR problem as a useless document that no one needs anymore. Well, Terry and Aaron discuss why you need the guardrail for your business and the key elements that should be included. Learn about developing your “why”, defining the people, creating a marketing plan, goals and milestones, budgets and your operational planning keys. This is a great overview of the process as well as providing some tools you can go reference.

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Heat Printing Technology in 2019

Aaron: How are decorators feeling about the future of the industry?

Erich: What are some of the challenges decorators face in this current environment?

Aaron: A surprising statistic from this report was that 39% of decorators do not have a business website. Talk to us about that and what you think that means for the promo products world.

Erich: In the article, you give some excellent tips for growing your business. Would you mind sharing some of that with us now?

Aaron: Let’s continue that thought with tips for buying equipment.

Erich: We know that things have changed for us and how we operate; where are the customers for decorators compared with last year’s report?

Aaron: We love talking niche markets on 2RG’s. Give us your tips for breaking into a niche market.

Erich: Being that we are here, live streaming on social, you know we care about social media. How did the survey respondents view the world of social media and its bearing on the current market?

Aaron: You published some social media tips. Want to share those ideas with our listeners?

Theresa Hegel is the executive editor of Wearables Magazine, the vision of the decorated-apparel industry. A former journalist at several daily newspapers, Hegel has received a number of accolades for her writing, including the prestigious Jesse H. Neal Award, considered the “Pulitzer Prize of business journalism.” Welcome back to the show, Theresa!

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